Lmao. I read a comment on that said the wolfman "doesn't look like anything new." HERP DERP, NO SHIT SHERLOCK, THAT TENDS TO HAPPEN WITH REMAKES.

Also DA is being really gay for some reason. The site is working fine, but every time I try to go to Forrest's userpage to look up the reference he gave me for his character, I get a connection error. But other user pages are working fine. But some others bring up the same error. For example, Kyle's and Justin's pages work, but Cross' and Andromeda's pages also give me errors. What the fuck?

ALSO I realized today that I've been dating Cross for a month now. WHOAAAA time sure goes by fast <3

I really gotta work on my school work, then Forrest's drawing, then fill out this application AGAIN because apparently the guy lost it.

But you know what I'm doing right now? Downloading Daft Punk and 80's songs. (Piracy is a beautiful thing)


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