I fucking love zombies


I found a sim in SL where you can pretty much just go around and shoot zombies to your heart's content. It was a nice refresher from all the sims where you need to join some stupid RP group just to walk around in it. This one though you can either RP or just walk around shooting shit. It also had various little notecard givers scattered about that give you missions, in case you're bored. And it even works with the health meters for certain combat systems so when zombies bite you, you take damage, lol. Somebody gave me a nice collection of freebie guns that I've been passing along to other people to shoot the zombies with.

Since Cross' computer can't run l4d or l4d2, I took her to that sim on SL instead and she seemed to have fun

I wore some bloody bandages just for the aesthetic effect.

few screenshots:

http://i47.tinypic.com/2j0l9pv.jpg oh noes, incapped!

http://i46.tinypic.com/2hrpdma.jpg There was a rooftop with a freebie helicopter and a landing pad to rez it on. We took it for a ride...it was fun. Wobbly, but fun. GET TO THE CHOPPA

http://i48.tinypic.com/cho90.jpg During the zombie apocalypse, all they had was each other. DAWWWWW.

P.S. I made this drink a tad strong, I am a bit tipsy lololol



I'm 22 now. woo.

I wanna stop aging now. Sure I get some money on my birthday but I still wish I could be 21 forever, lol.

Oh yeah, probably not gonna be online for a couple of days, starting tomorrow afternoon. I'm going to Allegheny state park and staying in a cabin for a couple of nights there. I'll bring my laptop but don't count on there being internet available. Just so ya know.

ILU Cross <3



Steam is giving portal away for free today. I'd go grab it if you want it.

I just beat it, lol.

So I just watched zombieland again


awesome movie yo

did anyone else feel a bit choked up when tallahassee finally got his twinkie


More SL adventires


Better looking wolf avie...took some customization but I like how it turned out http://i42.tinypic.com/14t80ud.jpg

couple epic screenshots of feral val:

I love this place...there's a boat house with a nostalgia TV and atari. Too bad they don't work though: http://i44.tinypic.com/2hnb1p1.jpg

OH LOOK cuddles: http://i41.tinypic.com/2ikywdj.jpg I made that shirt for cross cuz she wanted something specific yet simple so I thought hey I could make that.

Wanna see something scary/hilarious? First, explanation: In order to be a furry on SL you basically have to create prims in the shape of the animal head to cover up the default head. As well as hands, legs, feet, etc, whatever parts you need to cover up with prims. But in order to do this usually your head needs to be shrunk down along with the features on the head so it can be covered by the furry head without the furry head being too big, or to prevent clipping. So creators usually include a body shape with a shrunken head for convenience. They usually look rather silly. This is what the default SL head looks like when using ONLY the body shape and skin for the furry av: http://i42.tinypic.com/2aa0ys4.jpg nightmares forever.

Cats don't give a shit about wanting to be a mommy


I can't stand people who refuse to spray/neuter their cat (or any pet) because "WHAT IF SHE WANTS TO BE A MOMMY SOMEDAY?!"

goddamnit that's so fucking stupid

they don't give a shit.

Yeah cats will attempt to reproduce via instinct, and after they've had offspring they're happy to care for them and love them once they are there. But if you spay/neuter a cat it's not going to fall into a deep depression because it regrets never having children. THEY ARE NOT PEOPLE. Yes, they have emotions, I'm not saying they don't, but they work differently. Stop projecting your own feelings onto them.

When you get your pet fixed it will be a lot happier in the long run because then it's not going to go its entire life obsessing over sex and fighting with other cats over territory disputes.

Not to mention the millions of cats that get the needle (or worse, the gas chamber) every fucking day because instead of going to a shelter or telling your friends to go to a shelter and adopt a cat, you had to let your cat spawn so they can all have cute widdle kittens. Go watch a kitten die of a lethal injection (or get torn apart by a panicking dog in a gas chamber) see if you still think it's cute then.

What's worse is guys who don't get their male dogs neutered because they think it'll emasculate them to take their balls away. THEY ARE DOGS. THEY DON'T GIVE A FUCK. THEY ARE NOT SUBJECT TO HUMAN MACHO-CULTURE. GO CHOKE ON A DICK.

What's depressing is that some of these same people who want their kitties to become a mommy and project their human desires onto them, will also declaw them, so they don't tear up the furniture, instead of just buying a fucking scratching post.

i hate people



Lmao. I read a comment on TGWTG.com that said the wolfman "doesn't look like anything new." HERP DERP, NO SHIT SHERLOCK, THAT TENDS TO HAPPEN WITH REMAKES.

Also DA is being really gay for some reason. The site is working fine, but every time I try to go to Forrest's userpage to look up the reference he gave me for his character, I get a connection error. But other user pages are working fine. But some others bring up the same error. For example, Kyle's and Justin's pages work, but Cross' and Andromeda's pages also give me errors. What the fuck?

ALSO I realized today that I've been dating Cross for a month now. WHOAAAA time sure goes by fast <3

I really gotta work on my school work, then Forrest's drawing, then fill out this application AGAIN because apparently the guy lost it.

But you know what I'm doing right now? Downloading Daft Punk and 80's songs. (Piracy is a beautiful thing)


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