More SL adventires

Better looking wolf avie...took some customization but I like how it turned out

couple epic screenshots of feral val:

I love this place...there's a boat house with a nostalgia TV and atari. Too bad they don't work though:

OH LOOK cuddles: I made that shirt for cross cuz she wanted something specific yet simple so I thought hey I could make that.

Wanna see something scary/hilarious? First, explanation: In order to be a furry on SL you basically have to create prims in the shape of the animal head to cover up the default head. As well as hands, legs, feet, etc, whatever parts you need to cover up with prims. But in order to do this usually your head needs to be shrunk down along with the features on the head so it can be covered by the furry head without the furry head being too big, or to prevent clipping. So creators usually include a body shape with a shrunken head for convenience. They usually look rather silly. This is what the default SL head looks like when using ONLY the body shape and skin for the furry av: nightmares forever.


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