What if I don't feel like smiling?

Please stop telling me to smile. You can’t just expect everyone to be automatically happy in your presence. I wish people like you would realize how mind-numbing it is to be literally ordered to smile, totally out of the blue, when I wasn’t even talking to you or even know you. Don’t try to pretend that you give a shit about my emotions. If you did, you wouldn’t make me feel singled out just because poor little you didn’t want to look at a person who wasn’t smiling.

I can’t wait until one of you retards tells some random guy to smile, and he replies by saying he doesn’t feel like it. Then you ask him why, and he tells you, because he just watched his entire family get raped, beaten, and killed by a deranged psychopath. Then you reply, with your trademark shit-eating grin, “Awww, Chin up!”

You probably wouldn’t like it if somebody you didn’t know just randomly told you to start crying, or told you to start yelling, or told you to start pissing yourself, as if you were a trained monkey, without giving a shit about how you actually felt, would you?

Honestly, how difficult is it to quickly ask yourself how you would feel if you were put into a similar spot before you just blurt things out? Are some people just not born with any sense of empathy, or are they really just so brain-dead that they can’t imagine why someone wouldn’t be constantly smiling around them?


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