Werewolf Wanders into a church

There are a lot of interesting things in Second Life since most of everything is user-created. You can pretty much do anything from RPGs, first person shooters, clubbing, to awkwardly animated fucking. Of course in such an open environment, religious people will probably take advantage of the sandbox as well.

I've seen a lot of churches in my SL days, but I ran into one that seemed particularly interesting. I'll post some screenshots so you can share the experience with me, and study the elusive species called "Christian." Oh joy.

Right off the bat, I see this crate with a candy cane giver outside. Well, that was nice! But unfortunately it has a script error so it doesn't work. I guess Christians don't know how to script. How unfortunate, I wanted a candy cane...

They have quite a bit of stuff laying outside. My thought looking at all of this was just...hooo boy.

I walk in the door and I'm immediately bombarded with more signs and displays. I particularly like the "Warning: You are entering a radical area" sign. Thanks for the warning.

Within the chapel itself, I was greeted by a scripted dog and two objects that looked like avatars, but weren't. Apparently they keep dogs and mannequins in the chapel. Alrighty then. I really don't know why those two fake people are there, they don't do anything except stare at you...funny how the dog greeted me but the people didn't!

Church of the living magazine ads!

I wonder if they expect people to read all that. I had to zoom in pretty close just to see the text clearly.

I learned today that God listens to prayers written down on notecards in Second Life. Amazing.

This was probably the best part of the whole adventure. The church actually had its own swear jar. I was curious if it was scripted, and nobody was around other than the dog and two mannequins, so I did this:

Sure enough it detected my curse and demanded that I pay it right away. So I wondered what would happen if I did not comply. 30 seconds later:

Ah, so it just insults you. Can suck still be considered a swear these days? If so, the jar needs to pay itself. That wasn't a very christianly phrase, anyway. But I guess I wouldn't know.

Well that's all for my little SL church adventure...hope you had fun.


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