If at first you don't succeed...

[19:20] W: I keep hearing this weird loud bass-like noise coming from outside
[19:20] Jake: niggas wif boom boxes
[19:20] W: and I have my windows closed
[19:22] W: holy fuck I can feel the vibrations from it
[19:22] W: what the fucking shit is that
[19:24] W: lol
[19:24] W: my dad is calling them
[19:24] Jake: o.O
[19:25] W: the house where it's coming from
[19:25] W: oh man
[19:25] W: nobody answered, so now he's going to go take a walk and look and see
[19:26] W: I almost want to go with him, but I don't want to get shot if it turns out to be a burgler trying to break into their house or something
[19:28] Jake: but if they were burglars, i'm sure they'd be a bit more quiet, especially while it's still not pitch plack
[19:28] Jake: black*
[19:29] W: lol
[19:29] W: what the fuck
[19:29] W: so my dad went out there and talked to a guy outside
[19:29] W: and he's just slamming his car door
[19:30] W: and he's saying it won't shut
[19:30] W: so he just keeps slamming it over and over again
[19:30] W: uhh
[19:30] Jake: he might want to check the latch o.O
[19:30] W: if it didn't work the first 100 times you did it, then why would it work the next 100 times
[19:30] W: jesus christ
[19:31] W: He's still fucking doing it
[19:31] W: lmao
[19:31] Jake: you can't teach intelligence


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