Damn you snow

So my dad left to go on a business trip tonight, but ALL the flights got canceled because of the snowstorm expected to hit tomorrow. So he called his boss and his boss said to forget it and he'll go next week, so he's on his way home from the airport now, lol.

But this also means I might not have film class tomorrow, which is a shame, because I actually enjoy that class a lot. But if there's really gonna be a foot of snow like they're saying, then I'm not seeing great odds that I'll get to go to school. =(

Also, tomorrow is the same night my mom babysits my niece, and I really like to be able to leave the house while there's a baby in the house, lmao.

What a huge contrast this is from high school too, by the way. I used to skip class all the time in high school, but now in college I refuse to skip a day, lol.


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