It doesn't really bother me when people make fun of furries, because I realize a lot of them are huge drama llamas and sort of earned some mockery.

But it's kind of funny when people dismiss everything I say or every argument I make about something, and just go "LOL UR A FURFAG!!!1!!1," or when people get all serious business about their hate for furries.

I'm not bawwing about fursecution or anything like that, I don't care when people make jokes about furries, and I often do it myself. It's just kind of pathetic when people get a little too serious about it, or use it as a cop-out for everything.

Simply because I don't understand why some people CARE SO MUCH about whether or not someone draws animals.

Yeah, it might be kind of weird to run around in a fursuit, but do you really give that much of a shit about it? Why do you concern yourself so goddamn much with how this one group of people spend their free time, if they're not doing anything harmful? I mean, jesus christ.

There's a lot of hobbies I consider to be kind of weird and I don't understand why anyone would enjoy doing them, and maybe I'll make a joke about them or two, but I don't treat them like lesser people, or end a friendship over it, or go protest at their conventions, or other dumb shit like that.

I can understand hating a furry who's so obsessed with animals that he rapes his pets every night, which may be the case for some but not all. But for the ones that aren't and don't, why do you honestly care so goddamn much?


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