I went to the fair

They had quite the awesome firework display after that beetles tribute band
was playing. There were all these drunk guys in the back lol. It was fun. I
only caught the ending of the show though, I really just wanted to see the

And the tiger show was great, I bought a picture of them. The proceeds of it
goes to their tiger reserve. :P I always like doing that. I like tiger shows
where they just have them do some natural tricks (no jumping through fire
hoops and shit, just stuff like hopping over their trainer's heads and stuff
lol) and educated people about them. That's always nice.

Then I came home and played Shin Megami Tensei Imagine with crossmirage and
metalgoddess029. I made my character look pretty cool before I quit the
game, and my demon is a red dog with big teeth. I also have this cool lion
thing but I don't get to keep it, apparently.

Obligatory screen shot

Nighty night


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