Video games live

So video games live was actually pretty cool. The buffalo harmonic orchestra is pretty damn sweet.

I went with my cousin. We stood in line for the meet and greet after the show and got posters signed by the host, the conductor, and that Asian guy who plays the mario song on the piano blindfolded. It was pretty cool. I was a little surprised they didn't do sonic, so I actually asked the host guy about it while I was getting my shit signed and he said that sonic was cut for time constraints, but he promised he'd be in the next show, lol.

What's interesting is that it was mostly all adult nerds like me or teenagers. I didn't actually see that many kids there. But you know those damn kids, they have no appreciation for the old games :P Even though they did actually do modern games too like Halo and metal gear. But they did a lot of zelda and mario and all that good stuff too. They also threw some metroid and crono trigger in there and they had a guitar hero contest too

they asked the audience that instead of holding up lighters to hold up their DS's and PSPs or phones instead haha. I left my DS in the car so I just held up my phone. One guy in the back was holding up a laptop lmao. Oh I love being surrounded by nerds, it's hilarious.

Oh yeah there was a costume contest too, I noticed there were cosplayers when I first got there and they actually looked pretty good and not horribly eye burning like you would expect. The person who won the contest was this really hot chick dressed up as Lulu from final fantasy 10. She walked by my seat and I was like "congrats :D" and she said "thank you :D :D :D" I think I honestly only said that because she was hot hahaha.

I think some chick there was drunk, she was stumbling all over the place while walking lol. They were serving alcohol there, I myself had some mike's. I had some cappuccino too. I basically just consumed nothing but alcohol and caffeine while there :P I'm not supposed to have caffeine but whatever one night didn't kill me.

my only complaint was that it was pretty hot in the aud but it wasn't that bad. Also, I FORGOT TO BRING A FUCKING CAMERA D: but maybe I'll take a picture of the poster that I got signed later, or something. I would scan it but it's too big and I already taped it to my wall. :P

anyway yeah, that's all~


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