ya know

I really liked the Dark Knight, it was an awesome movie, and the Joker was great

but there’s the thing..the Joker was great, but as a result, Batman himself got downplayed

I think Batman/Bruce was a much much stronger character in Batman Begins.

It’s hard for me to decide which movie I actually like better. When the Dark Knight first came out, I was still all hypnotized by it so I was like “omg best movie EVAR” but I dunno, after watching it more times and watching Batman Begins again, they both have some strong and weak points

Well, Begins, other than Batman being a stronger character like I mentioned, also seemed to have a more coherent plot. The protagonists also delivered better lines and more comedy relief, since they didn’t have the Joker to do that for them in that movie. In the Dark Knight Bruce is a bit wooden and Batman is just angry all the time. In Begins, Batman’s voice also wasn’t so freaking silly. Bale was okay in the Dark Knight and his other movies I guess, but I think he was his best in Batman Begins.

And as much as I liked the Joker I really liked Ducard/Ra's too. He was pretty cool.


Besides the The Dark Knight’s awesome Joker, it also had better action scenes, I think…the action scenes in Begins weren’t bad, but they often had the shaky camera syndrome and it was hard to make out what was going on sometimes and made me a little queasy. But I’m also one of those people who thinks that a coherent story is more important than a coherent action scene and explosions…Not to say the Dark Knight’s story was bad, it wasn’t. It was just a little jumpy and more difficult to follow.

And honestly I can’t really decide whether I preferred Katie or Maggie playing Rachel. I’m honestly sort of leaning towards Katie Holmes. I mean, she’s not the best actor ever, but I just felt more chemistry with her and Bruce. On the other hand Maggie had good chemistry with Harvey Dent, I think. But I guess you can’t really have both at once too strongly.

but ya know

no movie is going be absolutely flawless, and some aspects just come down to personal preferences

they were both awesome in their own ways


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